A Bit of Concern

On March 10th, the state of Texas is set to re-open all businesses, lifting mask requirements and stripping local authorities of the right to enforce face coverings. People fretting over the economy and weary of state control are rejoicing.

Regardless of where you stand on vaccinations, the reality is that only 15 % of the entire population of the United States has received one and the new virus variants continue to rise. Speculation is that the common flu has been kept in check with the vigorous applications of social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing. But the woes of the economy outweigh the human components.

And the Lone Star state and Ole Mississippi are heading down the path of exploiting workers for the sake of the Almighty Dollar.

So when the restaurants and bars are open 100%, and the mask-less servers are scurrying about, will they be offered paid sick leave if they contract covid? 

Will hotels offer housekeeping workers any benefits to offset the risks they run? 

Is anything in place for the caregivers in hospitals if a new wave spikes and demands their super human effort?

And no relief is on the way for the millions soon to face eviction as the federal moratorium on evictions ends this month.

Apparently the game of politics is still more important than human life. During the first year of the pandemic we were led down the path of division by a bully too afraid to face the truth. And now leaders willingly subject our most marginalized people to unnecessary harm.

Someone is exercising a bit of concern, Kroger, the grocery chain in 35 states, will maintain their mask mandate until all frontline workers are vaccinated. 

Here’s to the realization: that what happens to one, happens to all.