Where Are We Headed?

The blatant takeover of the Supreme Court and the bold and reckless words of Clarence Thomas are telling us what’s at stake. When Thomas declares war on anything he deems Constitutionally challengeable, like abortion, gay marriage and contraception, he and the rest of his ilk are forgetting the most unchallengeable – the separation of church and state.

As Jefferson penned in 1814, “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law”.

So when local folks running for local office tell us they are going to bring back Christian values, its time to say, hold on partner, lets review history, not re-write it.

It ‘s time for all clear thinking people to step out of the red and blue boxes designed to divide so that we can see the current power grab as it is. We’re being played. We have been for the past fifty years. We’ve been divided by ignorance, our own and that which is thrust upon us.

Abortion will not end because of a law. Women of lessor means will suffer greatly as will their families, as will our society. The hypocrisy of this moment is only lost on those who blindly follow and those who corruptly lead.

So when I see a candidate running for the sheriff’s office proudly posing with a man who was unapologetically part of the January 6th coup attempt on our government, I have to ask, “Where are we headed?”

We’re fortunate to have some very fine people running for office, principled people putting their necks on the line and challenging us to make history again, to become the people we have believed we could be. 

We have the opportunity to mend the divide, to come together. 

And please do your homework, for all our sakes.

Here are a few worthy candidates of consideration, running in Vernon County, Wisconsin and the greater Wisconsin area: Turben for Sheriff; Swiggum for the 96th; and Cooke for Congress (WI 3rd District)

3 thoughts on “Where Are We Headed?

  1. find it hypocritical that the same religious fanatics who want to use the power of the State to force women to carry every pregnancy to term are also the same religious fanatics who say that the State has NO responsibility to provide proper education, healthcare and support to those children that women were forced to give birth to. Religious people are why I am an Atheist.


    1. Well Dreamer, Hypocrisy is a tough thing to witness, but it should not cloud our vision for the Good. The Good is there, call it anything you like. I avoid labels if I can help it. It keeps me free to grow. Thank you for reading and commenting, and above all keep making your dreams come true.

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