The Will of Life

I found a pile of feathers and straw in the barn. It was a barn swallow nest that had fallen from the rafter. When I moved the fluffy haven three fledgling birds were struggling underneath. Instincts kicked in to save them and I found a basket to hold them in hopes that their mother would hear their cries.  A closer look on the ground showed another seemingly lifeless sibling. I decided to hold it; in case it was not dead and in hopes that the warmth from my hand would ignite its will to live. Within moments it was squirming and I delighted in the will of Life to live. 

This on the morning I learned of the massacre of nineteen children and two adults at the hand of an eighteen year old. And I wondered what experiences had ripped compassion out of that eighteen year old heart? What twisted mindset had found a home in this unfortunate that had him ignore the will of Life?

Gratitude kicked in for all that has been given and for the choices I have made. I have learned to choose compassion over inhumanity, and I have allowed myself to hold kindness over hopelessness. It appears that many are struggling in an abyss of darkness, letting the will of Life pass them by. We have all participated in this growth of despair. It is a choice to belong to the voices that champion our goodness over our evil. And to still believe there is a way out.

We are born with a will to live, to thrive and to flourish. Circumstances will come and go, but the key remains. The will to love life is ours to protect, to learn from and to share. 

We cannot let fear destroy it.

  • The photo is not a barn swallow, but another fledgling that found its will to live.

4 thoughts on “The Will of Life

  1. Interesting bird story, as yesterday I was a bit troubled watching a sharp-billed black bird tear apart a small sparrow who had bumped into my window pane, and had fallen dazed to the grass.

    A crowd of 15 sparrows gathered over the scene, chirping loudly in support of their fallen nest mate, perhaps to scare the predator away….but it became apparent to the sparrows and me – the persistent pecking took life away.

    Now I’m wondering what possessed that bigger bird to deny life to the smaller one. Hunger? Territory? Do critters have instincts to destroy, as well as to protect ?


    1. Hi Judy, I cannot speak to Nature or her ways, but I am certain that human beings have a will which can be honed and choice, which can also be cultivated. Love of life is the compass…Best wishes, Dena


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