A Myth Buster

Perhaps one of the biggest traps for humankind is the desire to be led. I have been fortunate through the years to meet people who insist on directing me back to myself, to my own strengths, to my own wisdom. I have been blessed with a keen desire to be free and a passion for peace. More importantly, I hold the conviction that we all share these blessings and the need to have them awakened in us.

Perhaps the greatest gift we give one another is to simply say, “You do it.” Not, “This is how to do it.” When someone can weave you into an understanding of what is possible, in spite of the reality of what has been and then can turn you lose unto yourself to make it right…that is a person to know.

LaDonna Redmond wove her story and her clarity today at the conference for Women Food and Ag Network and I had the good fortune to be there.


Upending the myths concerning “food deserts”, LaDonna boldly asserted there is no food justice system in America and then enlisted everyone to envision and create a fair and just system to be shared by all.

She had me when she pointed out that ending the colonial narrative would be liberating for all of us. And I cheered quietly when she called out the privilege in the current food trends. But what touched me most was to see her love and conviction cut through the ignorance that has blinded us throughout our history.

There is always something one can do to make things better, to make things right. That no one should be hungry, I have always known. That the earth is capable of feeding all of us, I have never doubted. To admit that the inability to ensure good food, clean water for everyone is due to the ignorance and injustice that we have allowed is a great place to begin. To envision the possibility of something new and then to be able to take the bold steps to change course is the remedy.

We all need to be reminded of who we are and what is possible. And we all need to be reminded that it is up to each one of us to make the changes we can in our lives and in the lives of those around. Thank you LaDonna for the reminder.

Know where your food comes from. Know how it gets to your table. Know the hands it passes through and the way the human beings (and all life) are treated who are providing life sustenance for you.

Know and be ready to change when you see the injustice. Don’t close your eyes. Act. Do what is right. Now. Because we can.IMG_0878

LaDonna Saunders-Redmond’s book, “I Don’t Live In a Food Desert and Neither Do You” will be out spring, 2018.

For more visit her website: LaDonna Redmond



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