Today’s Nomads

The world as we know it is changing. No longer is the dream of having “the” American home being attained, or even chosen, by many of us.

Individuals, couples and families are taking to the road to escape crippling costs of mortgages and loss of jobs, in the very real need to down size in order to survive. You may not see it, but there are nomads among us. They are people, who refuse to be called homeless, and instead see themselves as making practical decisions to live in practical ways. Some sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots. Some couch surf or hop air B&B’s to avoid high rents or the confines of ownership. And they take vans, RVs or whatever road worthy vehicle will carry their possessions.

They travel cross-country to work seasonal jobs on farms, act as custodians for parks, or are hired as temps by corporate giants such as Amazon. Some have chosen the ancient traditional lifestyle of foraging.

There are books and websites dedicated to this culture, helping people to “make a way out of no way”*. They are offering choice in seemingly choice less circumstance. And the people who are choosing this nomadic lifestyle are as diverse and individual as you might expect.

I find comfort in that.

I can see the appeal to living in this broader, communal way.

Not homeless, but nomadic by choice.

What if this turn towards nomadic life is simply a new way to recon with a dying economic system that continues to burden the majority of people and the earth? What if we could move on from here, and learn to share our homes and resources, farms and lands, with one another? What if we are, in fact, beginning to return The Commons?

Perhaps, this is what is happening. And we are all just finding our way to “keep on keeping on”… humans, are good at that, aren’t we?


This aired on WDRT’s Consider This Oct. 19, 2017

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