Forsaking Revenge

I attended a conference on peace recently and there were some remarkable concepts given that I would like to share with you. It was not a session to garner answers to the world’s problems; rather it was a prompt for individuals to pursue peace within. This understanding of the pursuit of inner peace is as ancient as our common histories and as profound today as it has always been: There can be no peace in the world until human beings discover the peace we all inherently share.

And before dismissing this as pie in the sky, let us acknowledge that every venture of human kind has begun with a dream followed by an effort. So what kind of effort can be made by each of us in our pursuit of peace, both in ourselves and in the world?

Here is a takeaway from the conference that I have found most helpful in my own pursuit of peace, and one that I am sure you will agree would help bring peace to the world. It comes from the Sanskrit epic of ancient India, the Mahabarahtam, which tells the story of a war.

Time does not allow me to give the full telling, but here is the gist. A princess learns that she can prevent war if in her life she can do three things: Do not offend, do not become offended, and if you become offended, do not seek revenge. Suffice it to say, she sought revenge and the war ensued killing countless people on both sides.

Do not offend, do not become offended, and if offended do not seek revenge. Not a bad way to live, difficult perhaps, but we get good at what we practice. We have tried external solutions to bring peace – perhaps it is time we try the internal route. Put peace first, not last on your to-do list.


This piece aired on Thursday, Oct 12. You can hear more “Consider This” every Thursday at 5:28 pm CST on WDRT 91.9 FM.

For more on the pursuit of peace visit Timeless Today.

Photo compliments of PEXELS


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