“From The Ground Up”

Like it or not, we live in a pluralistic society. Diverse beliefs, life style choices and ways of doing things weave their way around us daily. We can hold on tight to what we call “right”, but in doing so we just might miss out on some very innovative and helpful possibilities.

Community is a dynamic and living experience. Learning about and from one another is essential and fun. There are many ways to cultivate community and one of the greatest assets to us here in the Driftless is WDRT 91.9 FM, “Community Radio From the Ground Up”.IMG_0270

What began as a dream in 2003 has become a household treasure to many of us. While WDRT runs syndicated programming from around the nation, much of the content is locally produced. You can learn more about WDRT’s history and the history of community radio here.

And if you can’t get the station on your radio, you can listen in via the internet.

Unlike commercial radio, community radio is organized as a non-profit and incorporates volunteers into the operation. Their programming mission is to serve the community, and WDRT is a fine example of this.IMG_0276

WDRT’s “Songs to Memory” program is an innovative way to reach Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients through music, connecting them with family and improving their quality of life.

A new program called “Conversations” airs Thursdays at 9:00 AM; nine local hosts bring the voices of local people to listeners on a myriad of subjects. One of my first attempts at hosting was with Conscientious Objector, David Kopitzke.

I am looking forward to bringing a short segment called “Consider This” to WDRT to be aired on Thursday evenings at 5:30 PM, beginning this week. And my next “conversation” is with Karen Parker, editor of the award winning local paper, The County Line and author of Always the River, the History of Ontario, Wisconsin and Indomitable Pluck: One Railroad, Three Tunnels and America’s First Road-to Trail Bike Path.

The strength of a community is dependent on all of its members, not simply a few. To be able to hold onto your uniqueness and play an intrinsic role in the whole can be challenging, but it is possible. WDRT is paving a way.

And the challenge is on!IMG_0277




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