Echoes of the Past

There are kindnesses left to us from long ago. People thought of us well before our time and with great consideration and effort, they left behind monuments of love. These gifts from the past are today’s state and national parks. The idea to preserve and protect land for everyone to enjoy began in the 1800’s throughout the country. In 1878, Wisconsin designated huge tracks of northern forest for preservation, but within twenty years most was sold to lumber companies. Thankfully today, Wisconsin still boasts 66 state parks, covering more than 60,570 acres.

Whether a day trip or an extended stay, the wonder, adventure and the remembrance of our connectedness with nature is revitalized through this gift of “parks”. Our forbearers saw the need to protect and preserve historical and beautiful places for future generations, and today the protection and the preservation is handed to us to ensure the same.

On a recent tour of sand mining operations in Jackson County, We took the day to enjoy the gift of Black River Falls State Park. The forest and geology is very different from our home in the Driftless and it was awesome to stand next to the ancient rock formations. Black River Falls St

However, when we climbed the stairway to view from the highest peak, we found that we were still touring sand mining operations. The pictures below show the dust whirling around the operation within the pristine area. It was a sad reminder of the day before and one that seemed important to share. sand dust

Continue the kindness. Protect the earth for future generations. Keep it in the ground. Find other ways.

It is that simple. Let’s get at it. Someone you have never met is counting on it.

One thought on “Echoes of the Past

  1. So that everyone knows what they are looking at, this sand dust contains silica, and low dose, chronic exposure to silica dust is the cause of silicosis. Silicosis turns healthy lung tissue into scar tissue. It can be
    painful. You can’t breathe. And then there’s cancer. It is not just the outer landscape that is being destroyed. The beauty and wonder of the human body, this pristine thing we call health is also being wasted. Do not lose heart. Know and act.

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