Calling upon Grandmothers and Grandfathers,

Who risked all that I might be.

Who struggled with sorrow and suffering,

And woke everyday determined to Live.

To the Ones who succeeded to find Peace,

And the Ones who failed in their endeavor.

To those who held onto Love and

Those who surrendered to hatred and fear.

I call upon your strength to keep walking,

upon your losses to teach me, and

upon your wisdom to guide me.

I ask for your courage, that I may not falter.

This is my promise to you, I will do my best,

To hold fast to Life; and not succumb to joylessness.

This is my defiance to ignorance:

To Remember when all is taken or lost,

My heart belongs to Love.

Love is my beginning; it is my end.

My gratitude always.

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