From Despair to Hope

There are many among us who are desperate. This loss of hope has not come on all at once. It has been created drop by drop, over time, sometimes deliberately, always out of ignorance. Despair is the void created by the extraction of all that is good from within us. And if there is an enemy worthy of our battle, this is it. To know the landscape of our soul so well that when an intruder comes, it can be ushered out. That is the vigilance we need right now. Some of us have lost the skill, some have never learned. It is possible to shed hopelessness. It is possible to rekindle the passion of life. We must want it. Longing for peace is the vigilance required.

Despair will collude with itself. Like will follow like. So the first order must be to fulfill our own heart’s longing. Then and only then can we help another.

And if you cannot help another, at least take pause and refrain from adding to the downward spiral that is driving mental illness and suicide to epidemic levels. Every thought, word and deed can add to despair or can halt it. Choose what you will feed.

Despair is emptiness. In can be transformed. We can do this. We must.


I wrote this piece in response to the number of people, particularly young people, who have been in touch recently and are expressing levels of despair and anxiety that are not normal. We are not designed to contain this kind of darkness. We need to help one another.

Photo compliments of NOHO

One thought on “From Despair to Hope

  1. Yes, this is what I, too, have come to about despair. What I see is an unconscious understanding, especially in our young, that what we are being given is empty. It is accepting that emptiness that leads to or allows despair. It is the mistaken notion that there is no way out that leads to hopelessness and self destruction. There is only one life-affirming way out. You say it often and with eloquence. The answer is love.


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