You get good at what you practice.

Things are moving at break neck speed these days. Pundits are paid to spin it all even faster and if we are not careful, it is quite easy to jump on stories, opinions and judgments that lessen us as human beings.

It is commonly thought that it takes 60 days to change a habit. So how about taking this challenge – try not to say, “I hate” for 60 days. Try not to speak or cast blame until you have read, heard or at least considered all angles of a story.

And how about this: in place of “I hate”, tell yourself, “I love”. I love you so much that I am not willing to demean you. I love you so much that I am willing to hold you like a lotus, above the dirty water, so that I can really see how beautiful you are. Try loving yourself so much that you are not willing to demean yourself by dropping down into the filth.

Yep, it isn’t easy. It is much easier to agree with the pundits on either side. But there is that seventh direction – within, that keeps calling.

Answer the call. We can do this.

Happy New Year, friends; make it a good one.


Please take some time to listen to words of hope and clarity for the New Year. I am grateful for the friendship of Rivera Sun and Sherri Mitchell and to be included in this podcast from their weekly Love and Revolution Radio. rivera-and-sherri

New Year’s Special:
5 Guests Envision the Challenges and Possibilities Coming in 2017!

This week on Love (and Revolution) Radio, as the old year turns over into the new, we take a moment to speak with five guests from earlier episodes about the challenges and possibilities opening up in 2017. Kazu Haga of the East Point Peace Academy, Dena Eakles of Echo Valley Hope, Heart Phoenix of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuiling; Rhonda Fabian, Editor of Kosmos Online; and Larry Spotted Crow Mann join Sherri Mitchell and Rivera Sun to look into what’s coming . . . the frightening, the hopeful, the encouraging, and the inspiring.


cover photo compliments of Lauren West

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