See the Good.

Please excuse my rant; it is long overdue. I beg those of you who celebrate the season, not to take this as a reprimand nor as a request to stop celebrating – on the contrary, I hope you recognize it as it is offered: as a challenge to unhinge the season from a few days or weeks and allow the savoring of peace to carry on throughout the year.

The hardest thing about Christmas for me, or for that matter all of the Festival of Light holidays, is dashed hope.

I was quite young when I realized the hypocrisy of the season. That never stopped me from wishing I could be normal and simply go along with the scripted programs that seem to bring so much pleasure to so many.

I just couldn’t do it.

I cry too easily at “peace on earth good will toward men”. I do not find solace in hope that lasts until the decorations come down. It actually frightens me. I believe there is a danger in flaunting peace on earth, and then behaving as though it is not possible.

This year I was grateful for the holi-daze as it gave a much-needed respite from the fear baiting used to keep us divided and ignorant.

There is a good thing about getting older; one is less inclined to compromise.

So I ask you all, my friends, as we turn this corner of yet another new year, can we each take a step towards peace?

Can we recognize that love of all human kind requires courage and may we find the inspiration to ask for the courage that it will take?

It is possible. Love until there is no room for fear. Serve Love until the Spirit of the Season lives in every day of our lives, in every moment. Celebrate in whatever form it takes for you and allow the same for others. Don’t put your hope away as you take down your decorations. Wear your love proudly. We got this, people. We can do this.

Look around. See the Good. It is our time.



2 thoughts on “See the Good.

  1. This was not a commentary against the joy of the season… for those who can.and do enjoy… your childhood fear of the dashing of hope was palpable from a little one who so innocently recognized the essential and crucial need for the ever present love… peace… beauty… and truth….for which we all hunger and thirst to be fed… to be quenched… Thank you, for the reminder… the encouragement… that life has been freely given and peace can be continuously… and vigorously embraced…

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