The Black Snake

The Black Snake
There is a Native American prophecy of the coming of the Black Snake. It foretells the coming of this time when the Earth is desecrated and the People are harmed for greed. It is thought that the pipelines are the Black Snake. I agree.
I also think the Black Snake is running through all of our veins.
The Black Snake did not come all at once. It has come slowly. It came whenever we chose to feed it. We have all fed it. It comes when we allow our leaders to violate another country and innocents die. It comes when we turn our backs on the killing of unarmed people in the streets and in their homes by our police. It comes when we allow media and government to ignore the humanitarian crisis at Standing Rock. It comes when we allow fear to rule our choices. It comes insidiously. It comes in, hiding behind our excuses of what we cannot do, behind our doubts about the possibility of what could be, behind our ideas of progress. It comes in behind our willingness to let it come.
All of us feed the Black Snake, all of us, the righteous, the thieves, the murderers and the ones who turn their back on murder.
We could change this. If each of us took a moment to say, “unhand me, snake”. To look at our lives and see: What can I do to help the People? What can I do to help the Earth? Letters can be written, calls can be made, talk to one another about meaningful ways to conserve, talk to your neighbors and create communities that are not based in keeping the Black Snake alive.
Let Kindness Win, because it can. Put on your armor of Love, pull out your weapons of clarity and compassion and fight like hell. What are we waiting for? The heroes are here and they are each one of us. Don’t put another on that pedestal. It is unfair to you and to them. Get up, stand up. Do it today, do it with love and determination. Do it to kill the Black Snake. We can do this. We can.

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