We Are All Indigenous

You can cover up the fact that you are made of dirt,

But it doesn’t change a thing.

You can wallow in the slimiest of pits,

But the radiance of the sun still shines from your eyes

When you remember.

We Are All Indigenous

A little ball of clay with the sweet thread of breath

Here for a few moments

Not to chop the Creator into little pieces

Or lay waste the Creation

We are here to celebrate

We Are All Indigenous

Placed with love and kindness

To dance with one another

On this floating paradise

Anything less is insanity

We Are All Indigenous

No one is expendable

There is no them only us.

Those who recognize this

Have peace.

Those who uphold this

Live peace.

We Are All Indigenous

Accept it while you are here

We will all be happier when you do

There is no them only us.


“If you are a rock, stand up like a mountain.” Standing Rock by Trevor Hall

I am going back to Sacred Stone Camp to stand with my brothers and sisters in peace. There is no time to waste. The black snake is not just a pipeline. It is greed and ignorance made stronger by hate and fear. We are all indigenous. The water protectors are standing for the water for all. It is time to open our eyes and hearts and end the nightmare of separation we have come to know as “colonializing”.

It is time to let people live in dignity and peace with clean air, water, good food and shelter for all. This is so very possible. There is no them only us.


cover photo compliments of Pat McCabe

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