Divide and Conquer No More

Hold on to your innocence.    Hold onto your trust.

The wind whistles through the trees and the leaves are forced from their perch. We come in innocence and how do we depart? Are we withered and bowed, scraping and fighting or are we free to fly?

What a strange time we live. Everything is possible, but we choose not to see.

We have lost the will and the way to discern, so the shiny seems valuable and the dirt replaceable and the air and the water are free, so go to sleep little one.

We have handed over our children to be educated. We have handed over our souls to be saved. We have handed over our allegiance to be mighty. We have handed over our bodies to be toys. We have handed over our love to be labeled like sides of beef. We have handed over our compassion to be right. We have forsaken joy. We have exchanged it for fear.

As surely as we have given away these precious bits of self, they can be reclaimed. It is time to shift the mindset. It is time to come home again.

The battles we are waging inside and out are not our battles. They began long ago and we have inherited their misfortune. We have followed a path of destruction, but it is not too late to change course.

The only battle worth our time and energy is the one that challenges our humanity. The one that tells us there is not enough, the one that promotes the other as less than, the one that insists on raping the earth. We are (all) that “one”. We each carry the seeds of destruction and hate. We feed it with fear and we hide it in doubt.

The solution? It is simple. Love. Love yourself enough to become unshackled. The love of others will then come easily. Love the earth as the sweet blessing of mortality, treat her kindly, for you came from her bosom and will return to her. Acknowledge your sacredness and you will recognize the same in all living.

We have been born into divide and conquer. Those who insist on perpetuating the myth of separation will suffer it.

I am growing older. Time is growing shorter. Each day I pray for wisdom. Each day I pray for peace. I find fellowship with those who know these truths and I find solace in my earthly roots. I still believe we can attain peace and I work towards it unabashedly.

The eternal dance of love is calling. How long can we afford to ignore the request?



I took the cover picture on route to Standing Rock to help the protectors of water. I look forward to my return. They are my brothers and sisters in this great turning.

Please find a way to support their effort.  Thank you. For more visit: Sacred Stone Camp  


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