Talking to Willie

I am grateful to live in a place that is full of cultural exchange and allows for creative interplay of concepts and the weaving of dreams. Today as I sheared the sheep I had a conversation with Willie, a visiting friend. He helped me remember a time, decades ago, when I was in the company of one who had dedicated her life to serving in Love. She had come to a few of us in a bit of a quandary, because she realized she was loving some people more than others…after her “confession” of sorts and thinking it through, she came to something like this: “Perhaps in loving you all more, I am stretching my capacity to love and in that way I might have more room to love others.” This was her reconciliation with the discomfort of her limitations.

I applauded then, as I do now, her relentlessness to love.

Another tidbit that arose with Willie and the sheep was remembering my participation in a conference geared to creating teams. One of the main points of consideration was this: No dark thoughts. How refreshing.

I think I will be practicing that one today.


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