For those who dare to feel the depth of sorrow within, I salute you.  For those who cry anguished tears and simultaneously feel the flower of hope blossoming in your breast, I commend you.  For those who reject the inhumanity with angry voices, I recognize you…

It would be oh, so easy to give up. It would be oh, so easy to doubt.

But the gift of Life demands much more from us. The gift of being human is still waiting to be opened. We have seen our riches in each other’s eyes, we have tasted the sweetness of victory in the birth of each child, in the laughter we share and in the joy embedded in our hearts. This is what it means to be human. This is what we need to celebrate in ourselves and in one another.

We cannot afford the luxury of confusion. We cannot afford to fight the battles the way we are expected to fight. It is time to fight differently. It is time for the heart to lead; it is time to win this war with love.

And what if it is simply about tipping the scales in the direction of love, for a change. What if it is about the recognition of one spirit, one people, and one earth?

What if we could take all the hopelessness and turn it into courage, like straw to gold. What if this is the moment that we rise up together, loving, honoring and respecting one another? There is much to heal from and some of us are in such pain that we misuse our power and some are in such pain that we strike back but I am speaking to those who can still love. Let your love be a beacon, let your clarity sing out. Give to one another. Don’t let this moment rob us. We are better than this.

Take time to calm your spirit. Take time to be clear and when you are, bring your goodness to the world. People say we need another Martin, but I know this is the time when we all must stand up and be Martin, be Gandhi, be Mandela. See the light in one another and support it. Find a way everyday. Let us please take back this garden.

We can.

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