Piercing the Darkness

It doesn’t matter what or who you hate. Hatred diminishes you.

To the voices of hate, who have silenced peace for too long; to the voices of division who continue to fan the flames of discord; to the ones who claim religious sanctity or political affiliations to drive the wedge of inhumanity into our hearts and minds: You will never win.

To those who tell jokes about the other and lessen any one of us with your cruel and crude ignorance – you place a bullet in the gun of hate. And in your gloating, you help to squeeze the trigger.

To the voyeurs titillated by violence, get a life. We the living, we the loving are no longer willing to entertain you. The burden has become too great.

The inability to govern one’s own soul has cost us dearly. But hate will never win.

As surely as the dawn brings an end to night, life will triumph over ignorance and hate will be given the burial of the scorned.

This has always been the promise. And the promise shall be kept. It will be kept by those who love deeply, who see in the other themselves and are ready to say, “Unhand me hatred.”

Our humanity demands it. Our hearts require it.

not in vain.jpg

Not in vain.


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