Who Says It Can’t Be So?

The baby ducks were a bit confused at first. Their mother decided to “fly the coop” and left them with a sitting auntie…I had thought the auntie’s eggs were not going to make it. But auntie sat and sat day in, day out until she noticed the little ones gathered around her. You could almost hear the brain ticking, “Those babies need to get outside. They need good green grass; they need fresh running water. They need guidance.”

So one day as the mom left the coop, the auntie realized she had another task – raising babies. Up she went, calling the young to her and outside they all went to the green grass, to the clean water. She has mothered them impeccably, nervously at times, but devoted – and still ever hopeful – she goes back at the end of each day to the eggs that will never hatch. And the babies huddle beside her.

And I ask myself why did the mother abandon her flock? She was an impeccable mother last year, even taking on one that had hatched in my hands days after she had left the nest wandering around with her brood. So what is the difference this year?

And I have to think, it was an act of kindness to the young auntie. Somehow the mother knew what I finally figured out, the auntie’s eggs would never hatch, and the mother opted to share. Each night and sometimes during the day she checks in to ensure all is well. And so do I.

Some will tell me animals don’t feel kindness. That is not a debate for me. Suffice it to say, I do. And the actions I witnessed touched the cord within me that makes my heart sing: kindness.

New pictures will be added!

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