On This Day

I think of you as I have in the past. I think of you as I do everyday. Ours was not a Hallmark family. You don’t get the kind of passion we shared that way. But as I gaze outside my window, the apple blossoms frame your wind chime and my heart is full of gratitude that you were the vehicle to bring life to me.

Not much and everything has changed since you’ve been gone. In your honor and because I’ve had no choice, my zest for life has increased, my honing in on peace, inside and out has brought significant joy and, I am certain, has helped many.

I am still learning that on the matters you were right about you are still right. And on the ones that I was dubious about, I am still dubious. Not much has changed. I find you in my humor, loving and silly when it is called for, biting and sarcastic when nothing else will do. I have maintained a bit of your childlike wonder on things new to you and I love with the ferocity that I witnessed in you even when it is unmatched.IMG_3782.jpg

Not much has changed and everything has changed. I do not have the kind of belief that lets me see you floating in heaven with angels. But I know your spirit is free and at rest, deservedly.

All said, I have no regrets. I miss our laughter, but I have not stopped laughing. I miss our talks, but I have not stopped listening. I love with the passion of the living and my heart is full. I love you. I thank you. I remember.


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