Twenty five Cedars

Twenty-five larch, twenty-five hazelnuts, twenty-five serviceberries, and twenty-five oaks. That is what we ordered, that is what arrived and that is what we have almost planted. When we are planning for spring it is the dead of winter and we have no idea what the spring will bring and who may be here for the planting. When we discuss our needs and what to do the fears arise of doing too much. What if there is not enough help? what if we can’t get the seedlings in, what if … what if…what if?

Sometimes “what if” wins, casting just enough doubt to make the possible impossible. I dread those moments. Cutting the life out of what can be, allowing “practicality” to supersede probability. Allowing life to be trumped by fear. If you do not hold an open door to possibility nothing can come.  If your dreams take second to your doubts you may be missing amazing opportunities.

I attended a conference on team building once and we were asked to not allow in dark thoughts. In our games and challenges I quickly learned how effectively my mind produces dark thoughts and how limiting they were. It takes an effort to ignore, jump over, walk around or shut the door on each of them. It has become a practice that I enjoy. I like the outcome. It leaves room for greater imaginings and bigger realities to emerge.

Suffice it to say, three wonderful helpers arrived and the tree planting will soon be accomplished. IMG_3612.jpg

Awhile ago, I met an old man in town and he asked where I lived, when I told him, he said in a pride filled way, “We set a record the day we took the trees down there.” I felt a little flush of anger, but I realized he spoke of another time and simply replied, “huh”. A time of less caring, a time of greed. But that was then and this is now and we are cutting a path for the possible and I am grateful.


Photos compliments of Holly Slaughter


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