No Longer Silent

Can you hear it? The cry is deafening. The wailing began countless years ago and there has been no let up. It is the cries and whispers of women and girl and boy children who are being abused, sex trafficked and far too often murdered as an act of pleasure.

Sickening isn’t it? Happens far away right? The gang rapes in India, Syria’s tortured citizens, 10,000 missing children of Europe’s refugees, and Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous. But wait. Sex trafficking at the super bowl?

Let’s be bold and honest. It is happening everywhere. Abused people abusing people. Abusing children. Pretending it is not happening will not make it go away. Hiding in shame or repressed guilt will not make it go away. Blaming the victims will not make it go away. Free yourself of judgement, feel your humanity and you will know how absolutely abhorrent this has been.

For the last few years I have added my voice and my feet to the One Billion Rising to stop violence against women

This year I am standing and walking with my Native sisters as they mourn and honor their lost loved ones in dignity.

In this moment of honoring, of not forgetting, of praying for, of anguished cries and broken dreams… with each step taken we are growing stronger. Lives will not be forgotten or lost in vain. Together, in whatever way we can, we will say “No more”. The time has come. It is not too late.

Listen. Can you feel it? The sound of drums and cries of warrior women and men. Rainbow colors. All our relations. We must not forget. We must help the abused to heal and we must stand vigilant, silent no more, to the end of this nightmare.

Talk to each other. Talk to your daughters. Talk to your sons. Light a candle. Beat a drum. Remember the missing and murdered. And ask for the healing of the abused who abuse.

Whatever you do, be part of the change. You are needed.

Sands of Silence – a documentary

An intimate story about an endemic problem, Sands of Silence celebrates the triumph of the spirit with a call to action to break the chains of sexual exploitation worldwide.

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