True Nature

We have recently taken in a red headed woodpecker that had been injured. In subzero weather he has warmth, seeds, suet, water and even some branches to peck at and climb on. We will release him again as soon as he is capable of flight. Yet, regardless of the care that he has received, he remains on alert and ready to attack.

I understand him. He is true to his nature. The kindnesses afforded him might make him comfortable, but they will never replace his will to live in the wild.

True to his nature, full of conviction and life. So beautiful in his defiance…and teaching me as I reflect upon him, “Am I true to my Self?”


One thought on “True Nature

  1. Reminds me of working in mental health, not because people are disabled or ill, but because the priorities in their lives leave less room for the investment in convention…


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