Rigged Game

I recently saw a post on FB from an old acquaintance that read “The game is rigged”. She was referring to the economics and politics of our time. She intimated that there was little to no use trying to change things. The game is rigged. Instead of trying to bring change, play the game.

If you play the game well, it is of little consequence that it is rigged. If you play the game poorly, you can believe you are unworthy or incapable. A modern version of The Emperor’s New Clothes (Hans Christian Andersen, 1837).

Personally, I am weary of this paradigm. I am bored with the discussion and the procrastination that inevitably ensues. It is an excuse woven for anyone willing to accept less than what Life offers.

What if Anderson had written a sequel? In the sequel, after he puts on real clothes, the Emperor gives his crown to the child who called out his nakedness and wisdom runs the show for a change? How would that have influenced the generations that followed?

No, instead we were left with this inevitable dread that ignorance would continue to lead. Fear of losing position silences us.

We have been trained to not see. We have been told to remain silent. But what if the game is rigged in a way that we have not yet imagined? What if all that has ever been needed is to not be afraid? What if the “clothes” of the world as we know it is nothing more than a charlatan’s trickery? And all we must do is call it out?

Better still, what if we live as if the game is already won? Because it is. We are alive.

This is our time. A time for new narrative. A time for humanity. Keep having fun.

Thanks to NOHO for the photo.


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