You Can(‘t) Do That – part I

I often find the greatest hindrance begins with the statement “You can’t do that…” The words can come from inside my head or from a voice near-by. I have developed the habit of ignoring whatever comes next. Instead I say, “uh huh”, and continue unfettered into whatever is calling my attention. Uh huh is my way putting negativity on pause. And while the voice continues to mumble reasons of can’t, my mind, heart and body are free to find out how I can.

Living on a sustainable, free range farm you come to expect the unexpected. It can be a source of delight and a challenge to your little grey cells and to your spirit. When you persevere, you realize the great interplay of life and the sweetness of living.

So it happened one spring morning, after the hatching of eight ducklings. It was a bit cool and there were a few eggs that had not hatched. Mama was proud and so very attentive to her brood, taking them about and teaching them. Three days had passed and we had not removed the eggs. Entering the coop I heard chirping from the nest. Mom and company were off eating so the sound could only be someone was in that egg, alive. My first attempt to place the egg under the then resting mother failed when a few siblings started to peck the shell. Mom was in a quandary but she made the kind of choice life makes when faced with a dilemma, and chose to foster the eight, who would not stay still.

A make shift incubator has helped in the past with varying degrees of success. But three days with little warmth meant this duckling was likely in sad shape, so I decided to hold it throughout my chores, giving it warmth and care. After all of its effort it was the least I could do.

You can’t do that. Uh huh.

You know a duck imprints on the first thing it sees. Uh huh

You won’t be able to introduce it to the mother. Uh huh

You still holding that thing? Uh huh

It always cracks me up the lengths negativity will go to keep me in my box. But once you start practicing Uh huh, can’t’s start becoming fainter and possibility beckons…

We were sitting at dinner when the duckling made its great entry into the world. Then there was getting it to the mom and hoping it would be accepted. Needless to say all went well.

Fighting “can’t” is a full time job. But it is oh, so rewarding.


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