Finding Roots

I was fortunate to be raised by an Italian Grandmother who could not speak English, who tickled the earth with a hoe for her food and who baked her bread in an outdoor oven. When she died I was too young to realize my nature was being corrupted by canned and later fast food, wonder bread and the pesticides left over from WWII chemicals that found its way to American tables in the 50’s…and continues.

I was fortunate that even though my childhood front door faced an industrial complex complete with glow in the dark, cancer spewing toxins, I never lost my love of nature, and yearned for the sweet smell of morning dew on the grass and of all things of the earth.

I was fortunate that although animals were not welcomed in my family home, I never lost my respect for and wonder of all things living.

I am fortunate that my love of life has been relentless in guiding me.

And I was fortunate to be welcomed home by a Navajo Grandmother, an amazing human being, who helped me to remember what, “Your people forgot long ago…”

I have met people all over the world who have helped me remember that I belong to this Earth. That my feet are always on sacred soil, and that with each step I have the opportunity to caress the Earth with love and beauty and dignity.

I am fortunate to know that in this great turning we must again remember we are one people, one planet. This is not a debate for me. It is a fact. As more individuals own that knowing, as more live from that knowing, the thread of consciousness that ties us together will rise.  And the Walk in Beauty will be more than a prayer.


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