A Call to Action

In this moment it is essential that people of hope not despair.

It will take a lot of kindness and a lot of conversation – not only with people you love, but also with people you fear – to overcome the darkness of hatred and anger.

It is not enough to fight labels with labels. It is not enough to minimize another, even if you are sickened by all they say and do. It is not enough to keep to your circles of agreement. It is not enough to stop listening in order to be right. It is not enough to say when will this end?

Darkness never kept the sun from rising. The sun does what the sun must do. And so must we.

Let hope rise within you.  Wait for it, call to it. When it comes to you, fill your cup. And when your cup runs over make sure it lands where it’s needed.

Ignorance begins with the word ignore. We cannot close our eyes in this moment, and we must hone our weapons for the fight. Hope, clarity, courage, conviction, peace…

In feeling hope we are alive. In feeling peace we find our way.  However desperate these times, I know we can turn this ship around.

Each of us, one drop at a time, together.


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