I am stepping into the world of blogs (couldn’t there be a better name?) Those of you who know me know that this will not be a Hallmark moment. It is my hope to find creative ways to think about life today in all its beauty and horror and to draw upon the thread of Kindness that I see winding its way through each of our lives. I will write from inspiration, not schedule and I will try to do no harm. Feel free to comment, I welcome healthy conversation.

Everything in me believes our best times are yet ahead of us. That it is not too late to rectify, to forgive and to find creative compassionate ways to move ahead. One planet, one people. To this end I will share with you my thoughts, my dreams and my concerns about this precious moment called now on this most beautiful planet. I hope you will find it both thought provoking and soothing to your soul.

It is never to late to begin. It is never too late for Kindness to win. Enjoy.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Dena, your words inspire the best in your June 2 sister. I look forward to let kindness win. Kindness is my guide. Thank you for all of your past present and future precious expressions.


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